Why do your lubricants contains Parabens ?

We added Gingko extract to our CUM ON! ® Water lubricant. This Gingko extract contains parabens and therefore we had to mention this matters on the labels. But we can reasssure our customers. The parabens in the final formula of CUM ON! ® Water are only 0,0001875 %. CUM ON! ® Silicone doesn’t contain parabens at all.

Why do silicone lubricants leave stains on the bed linen ?

We are sorry to tell you that we can not change this circumstances at all. CUM ON! ® Silicone contains silicone. This means have a almost similar composition as oil. That is where the stains are coming from. If you have a problem with this stains we can offer you our CUM ON! ® Water lubricant.. They you should not leave any stains in your bed linen.
We also equipped our lubricants with pumps. This is a little more expensive in production but you can point the lubricants easier and precisely accurate.

How many different kinds of lubricants are there ?

In general we distinguish 3 different kinds of lubricants. Waterbased, siliconebased and hybrid.
The siliconebased lubricants leaves a film on your skin and they are very long lasting. The waterbased lubricants are not that long lasting, but they are easy to remove from the skin. They are perfect for fast sex. The hybrid lubricants are a mixture of both above mentioned.

Why you have a rainbow on your label ?

Almost everyone who is working for CUM ON! ® are gay men. We want to offer our customers more fun of sex with our products. We are living gay live as a very natural matter. The beginning of CUM ON! ® was to create products for anal sex. That was also the beginning to focus on the gay market.
We think that as gay men we earned a lot of competence and experience with anal sex. We can offer our customers with our products even better experiences, more enjoyable happenings and of course their sexual happening will be more passionable. Last but not least we added anti inflammatory ingredients to our lubricants to ensure safer sex experiences.
The rainbow flag of the gay community (6 colors) was designed by Gilbert Baker from San Francisco in 1978. Since then it is an international symbol for the gay and lesbian community. It is designed to represent pride and diversity of gay and lesbian lifestyle.

Where CUM ON! ® is being produced ?

CUM ON! ® is a product from Austria. This means that the completion and the final quality check takes place in Austria. We are filling our lubricants in Germany, bottles and labels come from Austria, the pumps come from France.
The company headquarter is Klagenfurt am Wörthersee in Austria.

I don’t want to out myself with purchasing your products !

This is also a serious concern to all of us. We are strongly convinced that every one has to decide by him/herself when the time is right for an outing. Or is it required at all ? With your order at our webshop your data and personal details are just saved in our database and they are very safe here with us. We just send your adress and the ordered items to our logistics department to ship them to you. This logistics department doesn’t safe your data at all. Your payment takes place with paypal or bank transfer. These companies are very safe in trusting serious personal data. On your bank or paypal statement you only find the name k.cosmetics for your payment. As you can see, it is very safe to shop with us.

Is CUM ON! ® good for my skin ?

All our producst are proofed and certified more then necessary. We checked our products for dermatological and preservational matters. As well we tested our lubricants about latex safe matters. All results of these tests are certified with „very good“ or „good“ certifications. We tested in prestigious institutes in Germany and France.

What effect does the active substance Panthenol have ?

We think you probably know this active substance from the famous Bepanthen® creme. This substance interacts anti inflammatory and gives sufficient humidity to your skin. This has the effect that an anti inflammatory active substance is at its place when you have possible micro injuries in your anus.

What effect does the active substance Jojoba oil have ?

Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) is a natural organic plant which grows in deserts and half deserts. Only the seeds which look a little like nuts are harvested. These seeds contains liquid wax. They don’t contain fat oil. In this wax you will find provitamin A and vitamin E. The gained oil protects the skin from dehydration, is anti inflamatory and smoothes the skin.
We choose this active substance for our siliconebased lubricant to use this anti inflammatory active substance for support healing of possible micro injuries inside your anus. Don’t worry, even the addition of Jojoba oil doesn’t effect latex condoms. Our products are latex safe and can be used with any different latex condoms.

You always talk about anal sex – As a woman can I use CUM ON! ® too ?

Of course women can use our products to ! Yes, we designed our products for anal sex but this matter doesn’t exclude that women can have micro injuries in their vagina after having sex. Here the anti inflammatory active substances like Panthenol, Gingko extract or Jojoba oil support faster healing too.
For long time already anal sex is not an only sexual practice of gay men. On the contrary anal sex has establised as current method in the straight world too.

Why you added Gingko extract to CUM ON! ® Water ?

Originaly the Gingko tree comes from south west China. This tree can become about 1.000 years old and turns green in summer. Gingko supports the blood circulation and improves the blood flow.
Due your penis and its haemals are filled with blood. Here Gingko can help to improve your sexual performance. Gingko has anti inflammatory effect as well.

How can latex safe and Jojoba oil can work together ?

As we mentioned in the question „What effects the active substance Jojoba oil“ the seeds of Jojoba oil don’t contain fat oil. The seeds contains liquid wax. This makes it easy to add it to our silicone based lubricant without compromising latex safe matters. Of course we have been testing our products about latex safe in France and we are possessing a certificate from this prestigious institute.

Why you offer CUM ON! ® in the 110 mililiter bottle ?

In autumn 2011 we assigned a survey to find out the general actions about lubricants. More than 1.000 men from Austria and Germany participated to this suvery. One of the asked questions was the bottle size. More than 60 percent is using a bottle size between 100 and 250 mililiter. So we decided to sell our products with 110 ml. Many of our competing companies are filling with 100 ml, so we added 10 % more for our customers.
In future we are planning smaller and/or bigger bottles. Please fill in our newsletter and we keep you informed.

Why does CUM ON! ® have a pump ?

We are strongly convinced that using lubricant is much more easy with a pump. You can place it precisely accurate where ever you want to have it and you don’t have to worry using CUM ON! ® on your sofa or bed. Nohing will leak at all. You can store your CUM ON! ® without the dust cap and don’t have to worry about any dust or dirt can contaminate.

Why is CUM ON! ® more expensive compared to other products ?

Unfortunately quality effects price. We focus our attention on manufacturing our products exclusively in (west) Europe and we only use highly quality products for our recipies. Even the pump and our high quality label have its price and differentiate our products from other lubricants on the market.
We are confident that this is the right way and in the end, quality will succeed over low prices.
We are talking about a very sensitive area of your body and a very private and wonderful experience you wanna explore with our lubricants. We think at this point quality should have a bigger signifficance than with any other products.

Can I use CUM ON! ® for masturbating ?

Of course our products are perfect for masturbating. Especially the siliconebased lubricant you will love. We believe that if you ever tryed our lubricants for your wanking experiences you will never have it different anymore. We have been testing our lubricants with a lot of toys and dildos and could not discover any problems effecting on the toys we used.

Why do I need to pay the shipping costs for the free of charge sample boxes ?

In the beginning we had another plans for the sample boxes and we planned to ship them free of charge at all.
Unfortunately some of so called bargain sites in the internet took notice of this free situation and spread it in the bargain community. So, within 24 hours we had thousands of free orders. This was not our intention. We wanted to ship our sample boxes to our possible customers so that they can try them for free. Not ship them to anyone who just wanna have something free of charge.
So we came to conclusion that we charge the shipping costs from EUR 4,90 from our customers. We are enclosing our sample boxes a voucher of EUR 5,-- which the customers can encash with their next order at our site.
This is maybe not the best solution but unfortunately necessary.

Are your products manufactured fair trade ?

We are serious focused on producing sustainable products. Our lubricants have ingredients like silicone and panthenol which are gained in chemical processes. This ingredients can not be organic or natural at all. It is hardly possible to display any organic certifications. But you can trust us that we are only make sustainable decisions and we focus on the circumstances of life of the peole who work with and for us.

Why don’t you ship cash on delivery ?

In the beginning we offered our customers this service as well. But unfortunately we had a lot of bad experiences with this service. Many customers ordered, we shipped and they didn’t pick up the shipment at the post office. So it came back to us and we had to carry all the costs of shipping and shipping back.
Later on we deactivated this service on our site.
You can pay with paypal (Mastercard, VISA card and bank account) as well as Sofortüberweisung (a safe tool for paying with your bank account).
If you have any suggestions for alternative payment systems please just let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We are very open for new things.

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