CUM ON! ® – designed with a very special formula

Depending on your mood, sex can be practiced in different ways, while the safety and well-being of your partner should always be the priority aside from your own fun. The right aids, such as condoms and lubricants, are critical especially during anal sex experiences, since they may contribute significantly to a fulfilling climax. The products of CUM ON! ® are taking account to these facts. Anti-inflammatory acive ingredients such as Panthenol, Jojoba Oil and Gingko are helping to heal any possible micro injuries. The active ingredients of anti-inflammatory are at their place to be. CUM ON! ® products are very economical and long lasting lubricants. They are a perfect companion for lovely and extensive sexual experiences.


CUM ON! ® For Gays By Gays CUM ON! ® are products from the gay community

Based on the producers’ own experience as well as on previously conducted opinion polls, the aim was to create sex products that would meet the special requirements of anal intercourse. Top priority was to ensure an intense and pleasant sensation as well as a comfortable feel and product durability for safe sex. The results are now two different lubricants. 
An latex safe erotic massage oil and other products are still in the planning stage.


CUM ON! ® - developed for anal intercourse

CUM ON! ® is a lubricant specially developed to provide long-lasting pleasure. It was specifically developed for anal intercourse and is therefore ideal as well as for sex between men. The lubricants were enriched with special additives that make anal sex more enjoyable and safer. There are several things to consider during anal sex to ensure that sexual desire really becomes actual pleasure.

The anus is very sensitive due to its many nerve endings and is therefore considered to be a sensitive, erogenous zone.

Normally, the anus is controlled by the sphincter, whereby penetration requires a little pressure from the outside. But if this is done too fast, there is a risk that the bowel will be injured, causing small tears. Especially during sexual intercourse between men, this can happen repeatedly despite habitual practice.

In addition, the anal region produces no natural moisture even in a state of high excitation, as is the case in the vagina. Reduced lubricity may therefore also cause injury to the skin.

We have enriched our lubricants with additives such as panthenol, jojoba oil and ginkgo extract. Panthenol is the active ingredient in Bepanthen ® cream and is anti-inflammatory. Likewise, jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties and gingko extract can intensify the sexual pleasure of lovemaking.

Furthermore, anal sex is one of the so-called high-risk sexual practices, because hepatitis or HIV may be transmitted during unprotected intercourse. This is why it is highly advisable to use lubricants and condoms for anal sex.

Although anal sex is the most common type of sexual intercourse primarily among homosexuals, more and more heterosexual people are now discovering their desire for anal sex.

With our products you gonna have a perfect companion for safe and excitingly feelings.




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CUM ON! ® has initially developed two products:

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